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Demands of Form for German Enclosures

  1. It is very important that the full company name appears from the accommodation bills, no matter the size of the amount. It will not be adequate to fill in your company name subsequently. It is always the bill issuer who is in charge for filling in the company name, and should this take place by a ball pen, it will be necessary that the bill will also be dated, stamped by company stamp and signed.

  2. Furthermore the names of the persons, who have stayed over-night, must appear in the bill. It is OK, if you yourselves add the names onto the backside of the bill.

  3. In all enclosures, in which the amount is equal to or bigger than 100 EUR, the demands of form are like the ones in the hotel bills cf., point 1 and 2.

  4. For restaurant- and consumption bills under 100 EUR, it is still legal to stamp the enclosures on the back.

The German authorities however demand those small bills under 100 EUR as a minimum must fulfil the following demands for form and must contain:

  • Name and address of the supplier

  • Date for receiving of the service

  • Quantity and the normal description of the product or the kind or extent of the service

  • The price for the article or for the service, and the VAT amount or the rate of the VAT